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Dec 2016

Moon Over Burma was done by Dorothy Lamour. I played it a lot on the radio, I did mornings at a station that played a lot of 40’s music and moon over burma was my favorite. It was my collection as the station didn’t have it in the library. Dorothy had other music also.

Jim Cooper Spld, MO

March 2014

M1 (my nickname on my forum): Hadn't heard this one before - pretty funny. Have you seen this site? Todd

My buddy Todd, found the song - "Would You Rather be a Colonel With an Eagle on Your Shoulder" performed by Gordon Jenkins. It was originally a WWI song written in 1918. It was then recorded in 1942 and a verse was added.

Received this on January 17, 2014. Thanks so much!

Marion, Here is a WWII song sung by the country singer Red Foley in 1944. It is in MP3 format to make the file size smaller. Jerry F

August 28, 2012

I'd like to thank Brian Meley, grandson of Sgt. Frank Altman 157th Combat Engineer Bn, Company C, for suggesting the song, Sunday, Monday or Always by Bing Crobsy, which I added to the jukebox this morning. Brian said, "In all the letters sent from my Grandfather to his future wife (my Grandmother) from September 23, 1943 until the end of the war, he always signed off with a slight variation... 'P.S. I love you Sunday, Monday, and Always' "

April 26, 2012 Many thanks to Amy Soule and her father, a WWII veteran, for their fine addition to our jukebox, I'll Be Back in a Year, Little Darlin'. All the best to you and your dad.

Added another song today, March 27, 2012 - Six Jerks in a Jeep by the Andrew Sisters. Thanks for the suggestion, Ed!

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A special hello to Lisa Evans' 11th grade US History class at Aiken County Public Schools! Special thanks to Misha, Jerry Aschermann, Joe Fournier - 3rd Inf Div & Martin Gonner from Luxembourg, for their musical contributions.

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