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May 2017 - Many apologies to everyone around the world, for our website was down for almost two weeks, due to a server crash, in which ALL my websites were affected. Thank you for your patience during this time. The VI Corps main site is still down, but will hopefully be restored by May 19th!

I'm the proud daughter of Tec5, Walter "Monday" Poniedzialek. Yup, that's a mouthful and why his buddies called him Monday, a direct translation of our name to English. He was a WWII 540th Combat Engineer, who fought in Italy, France and German. Visit VI Corps Combat Engineers, a site lovingly and proudly dedicated to my father and his fellow WWII engineers. It also features an active forum.

You may also be interested in No Bridge Too Far, a documentary I produced, directed and wrote, also honoring these brave men.


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